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A Chance to Start Over

Chuck Heintzelman is a unique volunteer for Partners In Housing — he’s been around the organization since we took on our first renovation projects—and he actually works in the affordable housing development industry. These days, he serves on the PIH Executive Board.

One thing Chuck loves about PIH, and that drives his volunteerism, is its fundamental mission—to provide for the neediest Hoosiers.

"People in our industry always say 'Partners [In Housing] houses the people everyone else doesn't,'" he explains.

When it comes to the many traditional affordable housing organizations, a candidate must often navigate challenging criteria—such as background checks and credit score evaluations—in order to receive accommodations. PIH strives to give those folks a chance to start over.

"Partners in Housing is very important—both for the homeless and for the people who are at risk of being homeless,” he says.

Another aspect of PIH that Chuck appreciates is their Community Life Managers.  From organizing Thanksgiving Dinner kits to collecting bike donations, the Community Life Managers are responsible for creating an environment that helps residents thrive and adopt a self-sufficient mindset.

In particular Chuck is inspired by George Milsap, who works at many PIH properties. “George really creates a personal connection with his building's residents and takes an interest in their hobbies – such as working on puzzles and playing board games.”

Chuck encourages people of all backgrounds to get involved with Partners In Housing — understanding how much the work provides him with a sense of purpose and passion. "Working with PIH provides a unique perspective into the lives and situations of others, while truly helping to make a difference."


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