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We currently have 11 properties with affordable housing programs at all of them. The rents range from $355 for a Single Room Occupancy to $560 for a 2 bedroom. To qualify, your income must be 1.5 times the rental amount. We do not require previous landlord verifications, so previous evictions will not be grounds for denial. We do perform criminal background checks and cannot accept violent felonies, sex offenders, or arson-based felonies. HUD guidelines are followed when completing income verifications, student status, marital status, and special needs questionnaires.

At this time, our waitlist is closed. If you are currently on the waitlist, please make sure we have your updated phone numbers (if they have changed since you applied). As units become available we will be contacting those that are on the waitlist. 

If you have zero income, are homeless, and have a disability, you need to contact your case manager or care provider to complete a Continuum of Care application to be placed on the city wide waitlist.