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Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence. Chad's Story. 

Chad is an artist. His love of art started at a very young age, which led him to pursue a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Indianapolis. There is no mistaking that Chad is an artist when you visit his apartment. Stepping through the door you find walls lined with photographs, prints, paintings, and sketches. There are shelves that hold sculptures, art textbooks, and albums of his photographs and prints. Chad's home, in one of our apartment communities, is set up like a studio. His work table sits in front of a very large window where the natural light pours in on bright days. Surrounding the table are sketchbooks, canvases, paints, brushes, pencils, and many other art supplies.

Chad wasn't always surrounded by his precious art and supplies. They were in storage for many many years, while he was experiencing homelessness. For medical reasons, Chad lost his home and struggled without a place to live. He spent time at several shelters and his church even collected donations for him to stay in a motel for a short time. Perhaps the hardest part for Chad, was being away from his artistic practice for so long. Before coming to Partners in Housing, Chad had been living at a local shelter for over a year and was facing time living on the street.

With a permanant home at Partners In Housing, Chad can practice his art every day, and he does. His favorite part about living with us is that, "I can do what I want". Chad explained that he could never get used to having to be on someone else's schedule, it made him feel very unstable.

You would also notice that Chad has several instruments in his apartment, he's a musician too. We're lucky to have Chad as a resident at Partners In Housing.