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An Imprint and a Legacy: Chris Maples

June 1, 2016

Anyone who ever knew Chris for a minute would remember him for a lifetime. He was the great presence that commanded any room he walked into, and brought a special light to any conversation he was part of. Chris had a vision for everything he was connected to, and gave his all to see it happen.

Partners In Housing was so very lucky to have had him for the time that we did.
While Chris was here, he had plans for what he wanted for this organization: what he wanted to see it grow into, how he wanted to see it operate, and even what he wanted to see us doing for the residents and the community.

His vision for Partners was very simple really. He wanted us to care about each other and the people we served wholeheartedly. He wanted us to give to the City a breath of fresh air in the fight to end homelessness.

Moving forward to July of 2015 Phil Smith brought in his replacement for Executive Director, Scott Armstrong. That was when we could see Chris smiling on us again. Entering into the fold is another man with a strong personality and a heart big enough to handle what we do here.

As the months have gone by and Scott has taken to Partners like he has been here forever, we can see everything that Chris wanted for us coming to fruition. Scott has given the organization what Chris always wanted. We are a close knit group who work together to solve problems. We treat each other like a family and praise each other’s success and stand with each other during rough times. As an organization Scott brought the focus back to those we serve and how we can better do that in ever process we work through. This could not have been closer to what Chris wanted when he once said, “we are in the business of helping people. If we aren’t doing just that, then we have lost sight of our mission.”  Scott has also joined the fight to end homelessness in this city by inserting himself into the Continuum of Care and helping put Partners at the forefront of the fight.

It has been two years since Chris left us but, his handprint is on our hearts, and his legacy is being pushed forward with a like-minded leader. As we sit back and see these wonderful things happening that Chris would be so proud of, it makes us wonder if maybe he didn’t pick Scott himself.


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