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Crucial Funding Received for Capital Improvements of Linwood Manor

May 9, 2017

Partners In Housing receives funding for $1 Million upgrade to Linwood Apartments

Linwood Apartments consists of two buildings, owned and managed by Partners In Housing, that houses 28 formerly homeless Veterans. The buildings were constructed in 1925 and acquired by PIH in 2009, opening the following year. Although the buildings are in good shape they were in need of some serious system upgrades including an updated electrical system, as well as replacing the inefficient, outdated, boiler heating system that the property currently has.

Partners In Housing is planning a $1 million renovation on the property to increase and upgrade the buildings electrical service as well as providing an efficient Heat pack HVAC system throughout both buildings. The improvements are being made possible through two grants that PIH has received over the past year as well as a low interest loan from IHCDA’s Development Fund. This loan acted as leverage when applying for the grants needed to complete the project.

“When the property was built, and subsequently rehabbed there was no way to guess how much electricity we would be using in 2017. More than that, when visiting one of the Veterans rooms I noticed he was charging multiple cell phones. When asked why, he responded that he was charging phones for his friends on the street. We decided the most efficient way to fix the problem would be to plan for future electricity consumption as well, so we decided to upgrade as well as increase our electrical service to the building” – Kait Baffoe, Manager of Real Estate Development for Partners In Housing.

The first grant received was from the City of Indianapolis in the form of HOME funds, in the amount of $325,000. The City and the current administration recognize the need for stable, affordable housing for those individuals who have previously experienced homelessness and therefore they have made an investment into this project. With their funds PIH is able to upgrade and increase the current electrical system in the property.

The second grant is from The  Home Depot Foundation in the amount of $250,000. We are so honored to be one of the recipients to receive funding from the The Home Depot Foundation in this grant cycle. We consider THDF a great partner that has provided funding and volunteers for service days at Linwood before. We are so appreciative of its commitment to Veterans and to Partners In Housing.

The rehab should commence in July of 2017 and complete by November of this year.



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