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Four Veterans & their Second Chance


Darryl, Dale, Scott and Davina all have three things in common. They all have been homeless, they all have served our country in the military and they all live at Linwood Manor, a Partners In Housing community.

In the city of Indianapolis, 24% of our homeless are veterans. Partners In Housing provides housing through the grant & per diem (GPD) program through the VA to our homeless veterans. With 30 Partners In Housing units within the GPD program, our veterans we serve have a second chance to reach self-sufficiency and to be able to, once again, serve others.

Facts of Homeless Veterans in Indianapolis:

Female veterans are more likely to become homeless due to the following factors: 

  • Younger
  • More incidence of sexual assault
  • High levels of PTSD
  • Having kids without any spousal support
  • Have a higher housing-cost burden

Veterans have a higher risk of becoming homeless than the general population due to the following factors: 

  • Upwards of 45% of veterans suffer from mental illness
  • 70% suffer from substance abuse issues
  • High levels of physical disability
  • They may lack support networks


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