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Joycelyn's Story

Joycelyn was homeless with children when she found a stable home with Partners In Housing. Hear about her story and how with your support and Partners In Housing, she and her children have a place to call home.

Seven years ago, Joycelyn was living in her car.  With two children and nowhere to live, she spent most of her day finding food and a safe place to park her car.  Joycelyn was referred to Partners In Housing through her caseworker and in a short time, had a place to call home.

"I was so relieved to have my own place", says Joycelyn, "I can't thank Partners In Housing enough for what they have done for me".

With one child who has chronic health problems, having stable housing to care for her son has been one of Joycelyn's greatest gifts.  Even greater, is the help she received from our Support Services team to manage her life, on her own terms.  Now because of those services and her own willpower, she is ready to move out on her own.

This winter, Joycelyn is ready to leave Partners In Housing and move into her own apartment, a traditional apartment community, where she will be completely self-sufficient.

In Indianapolis, according to the 2016 Point-In-Time count, there are 156 documented families without permanent housing. There are a total of 305 children that are living on the streets. In addition to that astonishing and heartbreaking number, it is estimated that there are an additional 2947 total children that are not in stable housing (meaning, they are living with someone temporarily, doubled up with other families, etc).