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One Pair of Shoes

When we saw him across the room, at a popular east side pizza parlor, he looked like any other person enjoying lunch with friends. He was chatting, laughing, and just enjoying his day. There was something familiar about him, but what?

Then it came back to us, this was the guy with the shoes!

The man enjoying his pizza lunch was one of our residents.  The reason we didn't recognize him was because the last time we saw him, he was not at a place in his life where he could do something like go out to lunch with friends.

Before coming to Partners In Housing, Steve* had been living on the street for almost a year.  When an apartment opened up in one of our buildings, he moved in. As for many of our residents, it was a big transition.  Our first priority at Partners In Housing is to give our residents a home. Once they have a home, we offer our support services to help them become self-sufficient. Steve was connected with Midtown Health for mental health services and he was also ready to go back to work.

Steve had been a substitute teacher and there was an opening in a local school. However, Steve couldn't go to his interview because of his shoes.  Steve's shoes were worn through the soles and he didn't feel like he could present his best self with those tattered shoes.  So, Partners In Housing found a donor to buy Steve a new pair of shoes. He went on the interview, started substitute teaching and is still living in one of our apartment communities.

Now, of course Steve's story isn't just about one pair of shoes.  His story is more complex and maybe if you meet him one day, you'll hear his story. His one pair of shoes represents the important work we do at Partners In Housing. It costs thousands of dollars to support one resident, who has expereinced homelessness, for one year.  Those dollars are made up of many small donations, including one pair of shoes, Steve's shoes.

Will you be part of our support network?

A donation of $40 might buy the pair of shoes that helps a resident get a job.  

Change ONE life.  Donate Now.


*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the individual.