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PIH by the Numbers

Partners in Housing serves hundreds of people every year at nearly a dozen locations throughout the city of Indianapolis. But what we do is only part of the story. Ours is a great city, but we are plagued by very real issues related to poverty and housing insecurity. The numbers below set the stage and speak to how and why we work to fight the plague of homelessness.

Did you know?
• Partners In Housing provides affordable housing to over 600 people a year.
• 25% of all homeless in Indy are Veterans
• Lost job is the #1 reason for homelessness
• Average cost of housing in Indy for 1 bedroom is $798; Partners In Housing’s average cost of a 1 bedroom is $420.
• $12.25/hour for 40 hours is what a person must make in order to afford an average 1 bedroom in Indianapolis.
• A person making $7.25/hour, working 40 hours a week, can afford Partners In Housing’s 1 bedroom average rent.
• 74% of all Partners In Housing’s residents have a disability.
• 15% of all Partners In Housing’s residents are under 18 years of age.

Partners In Housing through your support has been opening doors to self-sufficiency every day. 
• 43% of our previously homeless residents increased their income since attaining housing at Partners.
• 74% from our veterans program leave successfully with permanent housing and employment.
• 100% of our previously homeless residents receive addiction counseling, adult daily living skills, employment services, and other training to reach self-sufficiency.
• Partners In Housing added 50 brand new units in 2015, 24 rehabbed units in 2016, and 69 units will be added in April, 2017 (in Kokomo) to the desperately needed affordable housing market.
• Average income since housing at Partners In Housing has increased to $10,234.