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Scott Armstrong
Title: Executive Director
Phone: 317-633-1861 x107
Delsie Cavanaugh
Title: Director of Finance & Administration
Phone: 633-1861 ext. 109
Heather Hamm
Title: Manager of Compliance & Property Operations
Phone: 633-1861 ext. 106
Jennifer Coffey
Title: Director of Advancement
Phone: 633-1861 x113
Cindy Tow
Title: Advancement Manager
Phone: 317-633-1861 x111
Kait Baffoe
Title: Manager of Real Estate Development
Phone: 317-633-1861 x114
Corbett D. Troyer MSW, LCSW, LAC, GC-C
Title: Director of Support Services
Phone: 317-633-1861 x502
Drew Jackson
Title: Maintenance Supervisor
Phone: 633-1861 ext. 116
Tim Jacobs, MS
Title: Case Manager 1
Phone: 633-1861 ext. 602 or 301
Jeannette Shaw
Title: Community Manager at Mapleton Park, St. George Apartments, & Crown Pointe Apartments
Phone: 633-1861 ext. 400
Kristin Settle
Title: Compliance Manager
Phone: 317-633-1861
Scott Wilson
Title: Senior Evening Coordinator
Phone: 633-1861 ext.601
Susan Dockery, MSW, LCAC
Title: Case Manager
Phone: 633-1861 ext.600
Khadijah Omar
Title: Resource Coordinator
Phone: 317-260-1641
Kelsey Carroll
Title: Resource Coordinator
Phone: 317-633-1861 x503
Mindi Brown
Title: Resource Coordinator
Phone: 317-633-1861 x202
Amy Thomas
Title: Community Manager
Phone: 317-633-1861 x116
Nicole Britt
Title: Community Manager
Phone: 317-633-1861 ext. 500
Emily Holland
Title: Financial Assistant
Phone: 317-633-1861 x110
Troy Drake
Title: Resource Coordinator
Phone: 317-778-7694
Jay Byars
Title: Maintenance Tech
Robert McElroy
Title: Custodial
Michael Pieper
Title: Janitor
Company: Partners In Housing
Ken Cage
Title: Maintenance Technician
Sandol Seymour
Title: Maintenance Technician

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Partners In Housing's 2nd Annual gala, Snow Ball

The 2nd Annual event on November 11th, will support the efforts of Partners In Housing in housing our city’s most vulnerable and all we serve by helping them along in their journey to self-sufficiency.

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