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Scott Armstrong
Title: Executive Director
Phone: 317-633-1861 x107
Delsie Cavanaugh
Title: Director of Finance & Administration
Phone: 633-1861 ext. 109
Heather Hamm
Title: Manager of Compliance & Property Operations
Phone: 633-1861 ext. 106
Jennifer Coffey
Title: Director of Advancement
Phone: 633-1861 x113
Cindy Tow
Title: Advancement Manager
Phone: 317-633-1861 x111
Kait Baffoe
Title: Manager of Real Estate Development
Phone: 317-633-1861 x114
Corbett D. Troyer MSW, LCSW, LAC, GC-C
Title: Director of Support Services
Phone: 317-633-1861 x502
Anjel Prince
Title: Leasing Agent
Drew Jackson
Title: Maintenance Supervisor
Phone: 633-1861 ext. 116
Tim Jacobs, MS
Title: Case Manager 1
Phone: 633-1861 ext. 602 or 301
Jeannette Shaw
Title: Community Manager at Mapleton Park, St. George Apartments, & Crown Pointe Apartments
Phone: 633-1861 ext. 400
Kristin Settle
Title: Compliance Manager
Phone: 317-633-1861
Scott Wilson
Title: Senior Evening Coordinator
Phone: 633-1861 ext.601
Susan Dockery, MSW, LCAC
Title: Case Manager
Phone: 633-1861 ext.600
Khadijah Omar
Title: Resource Coordinator
Phone: 317-260-1641
Kelsey Carroll
Title: Resource Coordinator
Phone: 317-633-1861 x503
Mindi Brown
Title: Resource Coordinator
Phone: 317-633-1861 x202
Amy Thomas
Title: Community Manager
Phone: 317-633-1861 x116
Nicole Britt
Title: Community Manager
Phone: 317-633-1861 ext. 500
Sherry Taylor
Title: Property Manager
Faith Stevens
Title: Community Manager for Apperson Way in Kokomo
Phone: 317-633-1861
Emily Holland
Title: Financial Assistant
Phone: 317-633-1861 x110
Troy Drake
Title: Resource Coordinator
Phone: 317-778-7694
Jay Byars
Title: Maintenance Tech
Robert McElroy
Title: Custodial
Michael Pieper
Title: Janitor
Company: Partners In Housing

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4th Annual Dad Bowl!

Dad Bowl is a family friendly, cosmic bowling and silent auction fundraiser to support Eli's Angels Fund at Partners In Housing happening on June 24, 2017!

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