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All Partners in Housing residents are low-income, and many were previously or chronically homeless. Some criteria for homelessness are: 

  • Persons living on the street or places not meant for human habitation
  • Persons coming from an emergency shelter
  • Persons coming from transitional housing for homeless persons
  • Persons from a short-term stay (up to 30 consecutive days) in an institution who previously resided on the street or in an emergency shelter
  • Persons being discharged from a longer stay in an institution

To clarify, our target population:

  • has experienced homelessness (chronic or situational);
  • is actively at risk of homelessness due to a history of multiple challenges, such as extremely low income, minimal or no support network, chronic illness, disabilities, and other special needs;
  • is vulnerable solely because of extremely low incomes, even though they may have a support network, and have no other significant risk factors.

Visit our Applications page to find out more about:

  • our rental rates
  • specific qualifications for residency
  • how to get on a waitlist
  • and applying for residency.


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